Meat Lover Drinks Green Smoothie

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In this video I speak with my friend Dave who eats mostly meat and is one of the least likely people I know to make a green smoothie for himself.

Find out what a meat eater who didn't know what kale was thinks of green smoothies before and after trying one.

What is a green smoothie? It is a combination of ripe fruit, leafy greens and water blended into a drink.  The percentage of fruit to greens depends on your taste.  A good ratio is 60% fruit to 40% greens.  Most people start with more fruit and will slowly add a higher percentage of greens as their tastes change.  It is better to use organic fruit and greens when possible.

Green smoothies are loaded with easily absorbable nutrients.  They are high in fibre and WILL fill you up. They taste great and are easy to make.  For more info on leafy greens and their incredible healing powers I suggest you read Green For Life by Victoria Boutenko.

For people who are short on time to prepare food, low on energy and have weight to lose green smoothies can change your life, in the most positive way imaginable.

I started drinking green smoothies in July of 2011.  Before I had ever tried one they weren't something that really appealed to me.  The idea of drinking leafy greens that have been blended probably seems weird and not very appetizing to a lot of you as it did to me.

I have been there. Green Smoothie. Yuck. Gross. Nasty. This is the reaction I get from friends and even random strangers on the street when they see me drinking my mysterious looking green liquid out of a mason jar.

What is interesting is that not one person who has "dared" to try one of my "gross" looking smoothies didn't think it tasted delicious.

I challenge you to try making a green smoothie at home and let me know how it turns out.

I will be happy to answer any questions you have about ingredients for or benefits of green smoothies in the comments section of this page or on the health is happiness facebook page

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