Montreal Health Store vs. Montreal Supermarket

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I just got back from a peaceful walk on this beautiful Saturday evening.  Blue sky, sun setting, air fresh. I happened to make 2 stops on my walk. My first stop was at one of my favorite Montreal Health Food stores, 3 Pilliers on Gilford street. My second stop was at Metro, the big supermarket. 

I am posting this picture because it was so sad that I felt I had to share it.

At 3 pilliers I bought a some swiss chard and some collard greens. Something I buy there on a weekly basis at this store. Organic Swiss Chard is 1.99$ and organic Collard Greens are 1.89$, give or take 10 cents. Marche 3 pilliers has great prices on organic greens as well as all types of other produce and products.

The picture above is of the greens that they were selling at Metro. Who would ever buy these greens? Who is running this place? Wow. No wonder nobody buys these greens.  While I applaud Metro for carrying greens like swiss chard and kale because alot of these tyope of stores don't, what's the point if this is what your offering. 

Not only are the greens at Metro incredibly sad looking they arent organic and cost 2.99$. 

Of course Metro was full of people and 3 Pilliers had one other customer come in while I there. I understand that there is a certain level of convenience to Metro but until these large supermarkets start changing their ways people really need to start looking at what their other options are for food shopping in Montreal or whatever city you are in.  

I encourage you to do a little esearch and exploring for what other options are out there for you in your neighbourhood. health food stores are popping up all over the place and often carry better products at competitve prices.  I am not saying everything will be cheaper because it won't.  And you won't be able to get all the things/crap you do at the supermarket but maybe it is time to start asking yourself if you should really be buying those things anyways. 

So let yourself be surprised and let me know what you find. Would be happy to answer any questions about where to buy what in Montreal. I have done quite a bit of exploring and always love discovering more.

Rapini anyone? Not from Metro thank you. BLAH!

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