Green Smoothie Experiment Video

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There are endless combinations of fruits and greens one can put together to make a green smoothie. There are tons of recipes available to give us ideas and provide us with guidelines. Except, in reality, most of us won't be following a specific recipe on a daily basis.  Each green smoothie is a new adventure and experiment.

The idea behind a green smoothie is that it is extemely simple and fast to make, highly nutritious and tastes delicious. 

I don't usually follow a recipe when making my morning green smoothie. I kinda just see what I feel like and what ingredients I have on hand.

Watch this video of me experimenting with a whole bunch of ingredients.  The result is quite delicious.

I hope this video encourages you to go get some fresh ingredients and try making your own green smoothie.

Let me know what you put it in and how it turns out.

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