Mint, Blood Orange, Orange and Lemon Juice

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I had never tried a blood orange before this. Can I say wow? First of all, the color is absoutely beautiful and secondly the flavor is incredible.

Please click on the image of the blood orange above to really see what I am talking about.  The bigger image is really cool and worth checking out. You will see. Go ahead. Give it a click. 

This blood orange was organic. When I went back to get more from the same store they didn't have anymore so I picked a couple up at the regular grocery store to compare. Not the same color and defnitely not the same flavor. 

The organic blood orange was half the size of the conventionally grown one, but more than double the flavor and beauty.  So if you happen to see some organic blood oranges do not hesitate to buy them.

I also bought some other organic oranges. There is nothing like freshly squeezed orange juice.  Which is why I decided to make a citrus conconction with my oranges.

Add some lemon in for a little zing and BOOM!  Sometimes drinking orange juice is a little too sweet which is why I like adding the lemon.

Proportions are really up to you here.  Use any citrus fruit you like and adjust according to your taste. If your a fan of grapefruit give that a try.

With summer coming drinks like this are key. So refreshing and delicious tasting.

I threw in some mint, gave everything a good shake and left it in the freezer for 30 minutes.

If your having friends over for drinks you could always mix in a little vodka to make a fresh tasting cocktail. They are guaranteed to love it.

Blood Orange, Orange and Lemon Juice

2 blood oranges 2 oranges 1 lemon a few fresh mint leaves Juice the all the fruit. Combine all the juice together in a mason jar with the mint and shake well. Adjust exact proportions to your taste. Taste will vary depending on the fruit as well. Sit back, relax and enjoy.

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