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It wasn’t that long ago (less than 2 years) that I had never taken a yoga class in my life or tried a green smoothie.  This seems hard to believe given how important these 2 things are to me now.

Today, my yoga practice and my daily consumption of green smoothies are an integral part of my life.  I am so grateful for discovering these 2 amazing things.

It just so happens that the person who pushed me to try my first yoga class is the same person who made me my first green smoothie.

That person was my girlfriend at the time, Sophie.  I will be forever thankful to Sophie  for introducing me to both the Moksha yoga community and the world of green smoothies.

At the time I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with Sophie but things change. And with change comes opportunity. Everything is continuously changing around us.  Some changes we make intentionally, others hit us like a brick wall when we least expect it. Some are natural and easy to deal with, while others seem impossible to deal with at times.

As I sit here writing about change, the song “A Change Is Gonna Come” just started playing on my iTunes. Funny how things like that happen. If you don’t know the song I suggest you listen to it. The original by Sam Cooke is a good place to start. An incredibly powerful song.

Yoga and green smoothies came naturally to me to.  I am lucky. I was already health conscious and these 2 new discoveries help me take it to the next level.

I was already curious about yoga when I met Sophie but had never even considered going to a yoga studio to take a class.  I didn’t realize how accessible it was. Especially at Moksha where the community is so welcoming.  A few months after trying yoga for the first time, I experienced loss for the first time in life. My best friend, Nick, passed away 7 years after having a heart transplant.  This is when yoga really became an important part of my life.  Spending time on my mat helped me deal with all the thoughts and feelings going through my head. You can imagine there were a lot of them.

A year after I discovered yoga, Sophie decided we were going to start drinking green smoothies.  It took one smoothie and I was hooked.  I haven’t looked back since.

Now with both yoga and green smoothies as part of my life I feel unstoppable.

So when my friend Natalie, who teaches at Moksha NDG here in Montreal,  asked me if I wanted to make green smoothies with her and give them out at the studio on the first day of Living Your Moksha I was thrilled.

An opportunity to connect with new people from the Moksha community and introduce more people to world of green smoothies.

I am aware that green smoothies aren’t the most appetizing drink on the planet to look at.  Especially if your not used them.  People find the green colour weird.

It was less than a year ago that the thought of putting greens into a blender seemed really weird to me and not something I would ever want to do.  Things change.

I wasn’t sure how people were going to react at the yoga studio when we offered them a glass full of green stuff.  Will they even try it? Will they like it?

The answer is yes. I was very pleased with the number of people that gave our smoothie a try.  And overall it seemed as though people enjoyed them.  Or they were just being really polite.

No, not everyone tried one, and not everyone who tried it liked it but the majority did. I didn’t expect everyone to like it.  However, just because someone didn’t like this green smoothie doesn’t mean they won’t like another one. Some people didn’t like the ginger, others the banana.  People have different tastes. Good thing there are so many different fruit and green combinations possible.

So if you are someone who tried a green smoothie for the first time and didn’t like it please be open to trying a different one. Everyone is different just like how every yoga class, studio and teacher are different.  Keep trying until you find one that suits you right now. And what works for you right now, may not be what works best for you a year from now. Things change.

It was great to meet so many new people and getting to share a green smoothie with them. I had a lot of fun.

Everyone was smiling and very curious about the green stuff.  I was somewhat surprised to see how many people had never tried green smoothies before.  This is not a bad thing. It meant more people discovering something new and healthy which is exactly what we wanted.

Below are more pictures from the evening.  You can see the whole photo album on the Health is Happiness Facebook page.  Don’t forget to Like the Facebook page while your there so you can stay updated every time I share a new smoothie recipe.

Don’t forget to embrace whatever change you are going through right now.  Or if you are actively trying to make an important change in your life my advice to you is to take it one day at a time to avoid getting overwhelmed.

I really hope some of  you try making a green smoothie at home. Here is the recipe for the one we made. LYM Be Healthy Smoothie Recipe

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One Response to Green Smoothies / Moksha Yoga / Change

  1. I started making green smoothies a few weeks ago and it has really changed things for me, I don’t want to start a day without them. So nice of you to share.

    I also adore Moksha, I’ve been to almost all of them in Toronto, the one in Halifax and Waterloo. They are all great places but I’ll have to check out the NDG one next time I’m in Montreal.

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