Zephyr Farm – Co-op La Maison Verte – Radish Top & Lemon Smoothie

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What do you usually do with the green leaves attached to the radishes you buy?   You probably throw them out, but did you know they are loaded with nutrition? They can be used in smoothies or even salads.

So save those radish tops!  We throw out the greens from a lot of the vegetables we buy and this is a huge mistake. Those green leaves are extremely valuable sources of nutrients. The greens from vegetables are actually higher in many nutrients than the vegetables themselves, and lower in sugar. So next time you see some carrots, beets, radishes, or even turnips with the green leaves still attached, be sure to pick some up and use the greens.  Just be sure  to rince them thorougly, or try to buy organic if you can.

Last thursday I was walking along Sherbrooke street in NDG,  a beautiful sunny afternoon, when I came  upon Co-op la maison verte with a stand set up outside selling some fresh local produce.  A lot of it of the green variety.  They had some spinach, radishes with greens, young turnips with greens, and different lettuces.  What a pleasant surprise! They got my attention.

These local organic vegetables grown on the island of Montreal are grown and sold by Ferme du Zephyr. They are at Co-op la maison verte in NDG every Thursday from 3-7 pm selling their awesome local organic produce. They are also in Pointe-Claire on Tuesdays form 3-7 pm. Be sure to check out their website for more info on how to get your hands on their produce. Discovering this p made me want to live in NDG.  Something I have never felt before.

So thank you Coop la mason verte and ferme Zephyr for providing me with some amazing leafy greens.  So often when you buy carrots, radishes, turnips, or  beets the greens have been cut off and discarded. However when you are buying them fresh as was the case here the farm can leave the greens on because they know the produce will be sold shortly as opposed to being shipped half way across the continent. And what do I use these leafy green tops for most of the time?

I love to use them in smoothies, as those of you who know me or who have read this blog before probably already guessed.

Here is a simple and delicious green smoothie recipe with a nice fresh lemon taste.

I hope you give it a try and don’t forget, save the green tops!

Radish Top, Lemon, Strawberry, Banana Green Smoothie

1 banana
6-8 medium strawberries
1 cup packed radish greens (tops) (rinse thoroughly)
1/2 cm thick slice of lemon (or juice of 1/2 or 1 whole lemon) –
1 cup water

lemon note: use lemon juice if you don’t have high powered blender. You can also zest some of the lemon peel in. Start with 1/2 lemon and taste the smoothie. If you want a stronger lemon taste then add more juice.

Combine ingredients in an upright blender and blend until smooth.

Makes about 2 1/2 cups.

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