Cacao Bliss & healthy eating on the road

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I happened to make a last minute trip to a big health food store on Sunday evening right before they closed.

I didn’t buy much but I found this Cacao Bliss that I had never tried or even seen before. It’s a raw vegan spread made from coconut and cacao. How could I not get it?

I was hitting the road for new York city the next day and decided to pack it in.  Am I ever glad I did.  I asked my sister to pick up a loaf of bread.  I also made some delicious babaghanoush on Sunday evening which was perfect to bring along.  Bam.  Snacks for the trip taken care of . No need to stop for any unhealthy fast food on the way.

How was the Cacao Bliss you ask?  Amazing.  I just had a couple pieces of toast with it for breakfast as you can see in the picture above.  So good.

For those of you who love coconut and chocolate I suggest you try and find some cocoa bliss immediately.  It makes for healthy substitute for nutella.

Cacao Bliss is not only much healthier than nutella it is also much more filling.  Because it is a whole food that is nutrient dense it actually fills you up.

The lesson here is that with a little planning ahead when traveling you can avoid having to eat food you wouldn’t eat normally.

There are so many different things one could bring.  You just need to make a little effort.

Cacao Bliss is a great option. It is quite the delicious treat when going on a long drive.

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