Healthy Super Bowl Recipes

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Healthy and Super Bowl aren’t two words people associate together.  The Super Bowl is this Sunday which traditionally means men getting together to watch the game, drink beer and eat a whole bunch of incredibly un-healthy food.  I say men but I do know quite a few woman who absolutely love football.  Either way, the food served at Super Bowl parties isn’t usually very good for us.  The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way.  There are tons of healthy Super Bowl recipes that will please everybody watching the game.

Many of us make New Year’s resolutions to improve our eating, however many of us also lose track of our goals very quickly.  It is easy to fall into old habits, especially in social situations.  It is hard to say no sometimes when around friends and family.  The super bowl can be one of those times.  If you are hosting a Super Bowl party then you will be able to control the food that you and your guests enjoy by making some of these healthy Super Bowl snacks.  If you are headed over to a friends place why not offer to bring a dish or two.  Everyone will be happy you did.

The recipes you make will depend on how much time you have, how many people are coming over, and whether or not you are making food alone or not.

Healthy Super Bowl Recipes

Easy Dips and Snacks

Smokey Black Bean Dip : This is one of my go to recipes when having a party.  Definitely a party favourite.  Everybody always wants the recipe.  It’s that good.  The taste of the smokey chipotle is magic when combined with the black beans.  This can always be made the day before in order to give you more time on game day.

White Bean & Dill Dip : This is incredibly easy and quick to make.  Just toss all the ingredients in the food processor and boom.  If your guests like spicy food be sure to throw in the jalapeño pepper.

Guacamole: Guacamole is the perfect healthy recipe for a Super Bowl party.  There is no one guacamole recipe, it really depends on your taste.  Avocado, cilantro, lime and salt is my base.  Sometimes I add tomatoes, cayenne pepper.  Many people include garlic and/or onion in their guac.  I usually don’t.  Maybe a little finely sliced shallot but rarely.  Make sure your avocados are ripe and don’t over mash.  The ingredients you choose are up to you.  I recently started using think slices of zucchini instead of tortilla chips to eat my guacamole.  A great way to make it even healthier.

Hummus:  Most people love hummus, and for good reason.  It’s the truth and you can’t hide from it.  I am always changing and tweaking the way I make hummus.  If you make it right, it will be a hit and your guests will be asking you how yo made it.

Sun-Dried Tomato & Basil Hummus: An Italian twist on a Lebanese classic.  Use fresh whole-wheat pita or veggies to dip with.

Fresh Salsa: Involves some choppin,g but it is worth it.  People always love this delicious fresh tasting salsa.  I often include red, orange, or yellow pepper in mine.  Adjust how spicy you make it depending on  your audience.  Hard to deny that tortilla chips work best here.  Try and find some organic low salt ones.

Perfectly Roasted Potato Wedges:  Wash, slice and toss in the oven.  Doesn’t get easier than that.  A healthy yet still satisfying alternative to french fries.

Kale Chips: Kale chips are the bomb.  A great way to get non kale eaters to love kale.  Incredibly easy.  Just tear it off the stem, drizzle with olive oil.  Bake it.  Salt it. Boom.  It’s a party.

More Substantial Recipes

Orange Cacao Sweet Potato & Black Bean Stew: A hearty vegetarian dish/meal that will please those meat eating guests.  This is one of my earliest posts.  So don’t mind the bad photos.  interesting to see how things have changed in a year.

Black Bean, Pepper and Spinach Quesadillas: I wouldn’t suggest making these if you are having a huge group of people over, but if you have some help you can definitely manage it.  These are very, and I mean very good.  Your guests will eat these up. Slowly cooking peppers and onions together creates a sweetness people can’t help but fall in love with.

Pierce Street Vegetarian Chili: A recipe from  This looks and sounds absolutely amazing.  Hearty and warming. Lentils, chickpeas, barley, and bulgur.  Oh baby!

Meatless Street Tacos:  A recipe I came across recently on  I am not a fan of soy based “meats” but there is an option for a quinoa “chorizo” which sounds amazing.  Also using the magic of chipotle in adobo sauce.

Black Bean and Sweet Potato Burritos:  My friends and I love to make burritos when we get together.  It’s fun to do together and they are simply amazing! Will beat any burrito you get at a restaurant.  I have yet to record our exact recipe which most definitely changes a little every time.  So I linked to a recipe I found on Oh She Glows that somewhat similar to what we do.  You can always double the recipe.  Better to do this if you have some help.

I hope some of these recipes inspire you to make some great food for your guests.  If you do try out any of these recipes this weekend or any other let me know how they turn out.

What do you usually serve during the Super Bowl or at parties?

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