Orange Mango Lemon Smoothie

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Orange Mango Lemon Smoothie

Good Morning and Happy Easter! I spent yesterday afternoon whipping up some smoothies at lululemon athletica on Ste-Catherine street here in Montreal.   The event was a blast!  I met all different types of really nice and interesting people, as I always do at events like these.  I always love hearing about other peoples smoothie making experiences and what they like to put into their smoothies.

I made 2 smoothies yesterday.  One of them was an Orange Mango Lemon Smoothie and the other was the incredibly popular Banana Nut Butter Smoothie made with almond butter, raw cacao nibs, almond milk, coconut water, and dates.  I loved seeing peoples reaction when they tried this smoothie.  They were pleasantly surprised.  Consensus is people like Chocolate! Was there any doubt in the first place?  The good news is, that even though the Banana Nut Butter Smoothie tastes incredibly naughty, it is good for you!  So if you are in the mood for a treat, go ahead,  you deserve it!

The Orange Mango Lemon Smoothie was also very well received.  Which is why I woke up this morning and made it again so I could share the recipe since it’s not up on my site yet.  People were continuously asking for the recipe so here it is!

This smoothie is thick and creamy but also light and fluffy.  Doesn’t seem possible.. but it is! The texture is totally different than any other smoothie I have made before.  Tangy and refreshing.  I hope you like it as much everyone that tried it yesterday! And for those of you that tried it yesterday, I hope  you give it a try at home.

I used frozen mangos for the sake of convenience yesterday but if you can get your hands on some sweet fresh mangos I suggest using them instead.

I love hearing your comments and answering your questions so please don’t hesitate to write something below or send me a message on the Health is Happiness Facebook page.

Orange Mango Lemon Smoothie

2 oranges, peeled
1 1/2 cups frozen mango, or 1 whole yellow mango (peeled and pitted)
1/4 inch slice of lemon (with peel)
1 cup almond milk
1/2 cup of water
optional: 1 medjool date (or to taste)

The need to add a date or 2 will depend on how sweet the mango is.

Add all the ingredients to a blender and blend until smooth.

Makes 4 cups

Note: If your blender isn’t able to blend the lemon peel enough, substitute a few tablespoons of lemon juice instead.



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