RISE UP & Meet Your Moments with Peace

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Philly D

Allow me to introduce, the one and only Philly D. It is an honour and privilege to have Philly D guest post on Health is Happiness today. Week #2 of Grow Your Yoga focuses on Be Peace, and Philly D is here to drop some knowledge and wisdom on us.  Be sure to follow him on twitter.

Philly D is a single dad who’s priority is always his sweet emJ. From here great love & passion flows into his yoga practice & teaching. He is the architect of Dharma Hip Hop Yoga, a class that is often called “yoga with a conscious swagger.” It’s message, music & dope ass movement.

RISE UP & Meet Your Moments with Peace by Philly D

“You wanna change the world, change yourself. But don’t think for a minute you can stop there.”– Guante, “Break (ft. Kristoff Krane)”

I really love this track. Guante is a local hip hop artist here in Minneapolis. The above lyric makes reference to the famous Ghandi quote, “Be The Change You Want To See In The World.” But what he is also doing is igniting you to go further. In many ways this is the essence of Moksha’s Grow Your Yoga event. It’s challenging you to go beyond yourself, beyond your mat.

Every time you come to the mat, yoga invites you to change yourself. It can peel aways layers of influence and lets you connect to self. With each breath you are encouraged to Rise Up and Meet Your Moments, and then it invites you to go further and meet your moments with peace. But here’s the truth, it takes practice, because so often the same moment can rise in our life and we keep letting it pass us by. Fear & doubt take over. It removes you from a peaceful step forward.

My sister Vieve is a great example of what were discussing here. She let the same moment pass her by, but as her awareness grew, so did her peace. With just a shift of one word she met that passing moment with unwavering strength. In the asana (physical practice) we call this a micro-movement. It can change you. “But don’t think for a minute you can stop there.” She didn’t.

For much of Vieve’s adult life she was obese. She had a lot of trouble with movement of any kind. When I thought of my sister, I often wondered if she would live past 50. Now, I think she’ll out live me for sure!

With her husband, they have a beautiful boy who is Autistic. This cat is crazy smart and loves his numbers. He loves bike riding and every weekend he and his dad would take a big bike ride. My sister would always see them off, wave at them and think, “Shit, I wish I could go with them.” It’s such an important part of him and something he loves. The same moment kept passing her by for years.

Her awareness grew, more and more, she realized that she wanted to be a part of this important tradition with her son.  With a micro movement it all changed.  One day, as she waved, she changed one word.  Instead of saying, “I wish I could go with them,” she said, “One day I WILL go with them.” As they went off on their bike ride, she walked around the block one time.  Next it was walking the block a few times.  Then a few blocks…this determination continued and she met each moment, so did her peace.

She has now lost over 300 pounds and has a dedicated yoga practice at Moksha Yoga Etobicoke in Toronto. Not only that, but she rides her bike to class everyday. Rise Up & Meet Your Moments, but don’t stop there. Move further with Peaceful resolve.

Be Peace

Philly D

Philly D’s Smoothie Vibe: Mango / Double Ginger

1/2 cup organic coconut milk (canned, added a smooth texture)
1 cup frozen mango
1 banana
1 cup organic kale
two chunks of ginger peeled and cut
2 tbsp Udos OilBlend that bad boy and enjoy

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