Shaping Up For Summer Part 2

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Tala is back with another workout to help get us in better shape for summer. If you missed her first workout check it out here.

Personally, I never feel better than when I have worked out and had a healthy smoothie. It makes me feel like I am on top of the world. I hope you guys are feeling like that too! Tala is here to help.

If you haven’t done much exercise recently there is no better time than spring to get up, get out and get moving!


Getting In Shape For Summer Part 2 by Tala

An important rule in fitness is to keep your body guessing when you are trying to get results. The body is really great at adapting, so it’s important to change up your workouts and keep challenging yourself. It’s not supposed to get easier, you’re just getting stronger!

This workout can be considered a ‘Day 2’ to the previous circuit that was posted. So you can get a different workout on each day! Or if you are looking to switch it up, and don’t have the time to incorporate a workout on each day, change it up with this new circuit I developed.

The videos were shot at the Mansfield Athletic Club in downtown Montreal in their beautiful Trinity Room. Although you can’t see it, the entire ceiling is a skylight!

Remember that a refreshing smoothie goes down really well after a workout ☺

Check me out on my facebook page, and send me a message if you have any questions or comments about the workouts and even if you just want to say hey!

Happy training,



1. Split Squat: 12-15 times per leg
2. Mountain climber: 20-60 times
3. Burpees: 6-12 times
4. Back Extension: 10-20 times per side


1. Crunches with knees up
2. Bicycle
3. Plank

Circuit #2

Split Squat: 12-15 times per leg (complete one leg at a time)

1. Stand in a lunge position (one foot in front of the other in a wide stance).
2. Lower straight down bending the back knee too (with your back leg, you want to be on your toes)
3. Keep knees in line with toes. Keep your chest out, shoulders back, abs tight.

Why you want to do this: They are great for the legs, balance & bum!

Take it up a notch: Lower down, on the way up, hop on the front leg. Want to make it even harder? Go down and and jump both feet when you return to standing. Land on both feet simultaneously and lower right away.
This requires a lot of balance, but don’t get too frustrated if it isn’t totally graceful

Mountain climber: 20-60 times

Get into a pushup position on your toes. Make sure that your shoulders are over your wrists, and your abs are tight!

1. Drive your knee up between your arms. Repeat.
2. Make sure your bum stays low! You don’t want to look like you are doing downward facing dog with moving legs!

Why you want to do this: Because you are working your lower abs, shoulders, arms, back and legs You are also getting your heart rate up!

Take it up a notch: drive those knees up as quickly as possible. You end up jumping your legs a little but make sure that your bum stays down.

Back Extension: 10-20 times per side

1. Lie on your stomach and extend your arms over your head. Pretend you are superman or superwoman!

2. Raise your right arm (lifting your chest off the ground) and your left leg.

3. Lower and repeat on other side

Why you want to do this: Strengthening your lower back is on of the best things we can do! Like our abs, our lower to mid back is part of our core, and it’s really important to keep it strong.

Burpees: 6-12 times

Honestly what workout is complete without burpies!

Stand straight, bring hands to the ground, jump your feet out to plank (make sure there is no sag in that lower back), jump your feet back together, lower all the way to the ground, push yourself back up, jump feet together, stand up and jump with arms coming over your head.

Repeat! Make sure to breath, this gets exhausting!

Why you want to do this: Because they are good for you! But in all honesty, this is a full body exercise. You will feel like you want to collapse, but they are great! Arms, legs, core, everything!

Take it down a notch: There ware many ways to make this exercise work for your current exercise level, and you can always improve as you get stronger! You can do any combination of the following:

1. Hands to the ground, jump feet down, mini pushup, jump feet together, stand and jump.
2. Hands to the ground, jump feet back to plank, jump feet together, stand and jump.
3. Hands to gound, step feet back to plank (or jump feet back), jump or step feet together, stand (you can jump or not).

Ab Circuit #2

We definitely cant forget our six pack abs! This circuit will include 3 abdominal exercises that will get you on your way to a flatter, stronger mid section! Complete 15-20 of each. No breaks in between exercises!

1. Crunches with knees up

Hands behind your head, lift your knees up to 90 degrees. Lift with your abs, not your shoulders! And Keep an orange in between your chin and chest (no double chin)

2. Bicycle

Same start position as crunches with knees up. Bring your right elbow across your body to your left knee!

3. Plank

Time yourself! Get onto your elbows (make sure they are right under your shoulders) and your toes. Keep that back straight (this is where you want to look like a coffee table). Keep those abs strong and hold!

Take this one up a notch: by rocking forward and back.

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  1. Great exercise tips & yummy (healthy!) recipes on HealthisHappiness. Looking forward to reading more!

  2. Mary

    Thank you for posting Videos!

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