Grow Your Yoga Week #3: Be Accessible

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Today marks the beginning of week #3 of Moksha Yoga’s Grow Your Yoga. Week #3’s focus is Be Accessible and I was lucky enough to get Jen, an incredibly captivating writer, to write today’s blog post about it. Jen has an awesome blog called Memoirs of a Downward Dog.  Jen’s blog is honest, real, and inspiring.

Grow Your Yoga Week # 3: Be Accessible by Jen Reed

The theme for this week’s Grow Your Yoga is to Be Accessible, and after a few furrowed brows and question-mark shaped pursed lips around the studio, it got me thinking:  what does that mean exactly?  To be accessible?

The folks at Moksha Yoga have suggested for one week we try to engage in conversation free of gossip.  The gossip and the negative talk are harmful for obvious reasons; the assumptions we make or the judgments we form can color our perceptions of others without taking the time to consider the flip-side perspectives.  And the truth is:  words matter.

But if we dig a layer beneath the surface, our words are only audial expressions of our thoughts.  More than likely, when we talk poorly about others it is probably a reflection of something that we are insecure about in ourselves.   It’s much easier to point the finger than it is to look in the mirror.

So to me being accessible means speaking my truth.  First and foremost, to myself.  Because only when I am living authentically, do I get the opportunity to be open, receptive and sharing with others.   Every time I simply notice when I am catty or negative or judgmental to either myself or others, is an opportunity to learn something about myself; a chance to explore an area that might need a little extra love, attention or work because as one of my favourite authors, Tom Robbins, writes:  “To become aware of illusion is to hold hands with truth.”

I write a yoga blog that has been described as “raw”, “voyeuristic”, “vulnerable” and “personal” and I would have to agree.  There is not much that I keep to myself.   But the reason why I write so candidly is because I don’t think there is much in my life experience that is not shared with thousands of others.  At times, we all struggle with doubt, fear and insecurity.  And the more real and authentic I can be about who I am, the more I hope to empower even one person to do the same.

So whether or not you are speaking out about an eating disorder, addiction, or simply a quirky O.C.D, perhaps in that honesty, we might be a little less insecure about the things that make us all human.  We can support each other in our human-ness; find a bit more understanding with and of one another and truly embody compassion.   Filled with compassion, might we watch all of that nasty gossip organically fall by the wayside?

To me, this is being accessible.  From the inside out.



A little about Jen…

“Born in California, but raised in Bellingham, Washington, Jennifer Reed has moved across the country from West coast to East coast more times than she can remember without drawing a complex detailed diagram.  In January, 2011 she went to Itacare, Brazil to get her yoga teaching certificate.  She then travelled around Central America for the following two and a half months.  Memoirs of a Downward Facing Dog is a compilation of stories and emails from that adventure and beyond; a journey into the heart of yoga and a journey into the heart.  Jennifer currently teaches at Moksha Yoga Montreal.”

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