Improving Your Health With Self-Hypnosis

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Today’s guest post is about self-hypnosis and how it can help you make healthy changes. Read on to discover how!

Congratulations, on completing the 30 day smoothie challenge. But what next? Is this just the start of powering up your healthy eating habits or will you just be falling back to the old not so healthy ways once it’s over?

Most of us know what to do for a long healthy life that is filled with energy and feeling good about our bodies: That’s right, eat less, eat health giving foods and exercise regularly! So why aren’t more of us doing just that all, or at least most, of the time?

For many it is because we have either picked up unhealthy eating habits and/or are using food to manage our emotions. We might “swallow our anger,” seek that old feeling of approval by making sure we eat everything on our plate or distract ourselves away from pain with a cookie just as was done when we were a child. Either way, the result can be that we overeat and/or eat and drink the wrong things.

The bad news is that sheer willpower, as many have found out before, doesn’t help us make and sustain the changes we need and want to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. The emotions and habits that drive us to eat too much are created by our subconscious minds. That is why they just kick in automatically, without us consciously thinking about them.

The easy way
However, there are some people who have found a simple way to make the changes that they want. And the strange thing is that all they are really doing is 20 minutes of easy listening each day. Twenty minutes to train their minds to finally let go of the fat they no longer want or need. Along with the fat they can also forget about any cravings for sweet or salty junk foods.

These are the people who are managing their weight with hypnosis. And not only are they losing weight and keeping it off but have so much more extra time available to themselves now. They are no longer obsessing about eating. And the best thing is, they are so much more productive because they have increased energy to get things done in the extra time they now have.

Make the changes
Using hypnosis to communicate with your subconscious mind allows you to make the changes you want. Just look at the very public examples of celebrities who have successfully used hypnosis to overcome their dieting problems.
– British singer-songwriter Lily Allen,
– Singer and former Spice Girl member Geri Halliwell,
– Model Sophie Dahl,
-Former Philadelphia Eagles coach Chuck Clausen, and
-Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York.
The list goes on. And many others, not so well known, successfully lose weight at my hypnosis clinic at the Queen Elizabeth Health Complex in Montreal.

And the good thing is that hypnosis can work for everyone who wants to lose and manage their weight. The truth is that food is holding you in a hypnotic trance to keep you overeating.

After all, it goes against all logic that you go on eating too much while at the same time you really want to become that slim, attractive, active you doesn’t it? Your subconscious mind is running on emotion and habits, not logic. And the programs it has running it always eventually win the day.

Working for you
Using hypnosis you get to use that same hypnotic mechanism of your mind to work for you instead of against you. You get to let that subconscious mind of yours that controls your eating habits know that there is a new game in town. You can set it to work to find you better, healthier ways to manage your emotions, habits and stress!

Learn self hypnosis for free
Hypnosis is a safe, proven, natural weight loss method. It is ideal for everyone who has discovered that diets just don’t work in the long run. Whether you are just starting out on your healthy eating journey or are stuck on a dieting plateau, hypnosis is the secret to getting rid of that ugly, unhealthy fat finally and forever.

Would you like to use hypnosis to finally put an end to the endless dieting and start living a much healthier life full-time? You can learn self hypnosis for free right now to do just that. Check it out now because you have nothing to lose but your bad old eating habits!

Stephen Gruber MA is a Consulting Hypnotist at the Queen Elizabeth Health Complex in Montreal

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  1. Self hypnosis is an option often overlooked when seeking treatment. It can be a very cost-effective method though and there’s absolutely no harm in trying it!

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