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Today’s post is brought to you by my friend Mel who you may remember from her Revitalize Cleanse in November. Mel is about to launch a new workshop series called Come Alive. I wanted to help her out by letting her share a little bit about what it’s all about with you guys. Hopefully what she has to offer speaks to at least one person reading this and can help you in this journey of life.


Hey there Health Happy people!

Melissa here! I hope that you are having an amazing day and that this post is just going to be like the icing on the cake!

Now before we get to the icing, I want to ask you a few questions;

1)  Have you ever had an idea but then fear creeped in and stopped you from doing it?

2)  Have you ever caught yourself saying “I need to figure out my life!”?

3)  Do you admire people who are living a life filled with love, fun, and abundance?

4)  Do you have this feeling that there must be something more?

Well if you answered yes to any of these questions, listen up!

A few years ago I was answering yes to all of these questions and feeling bad about it. I had tons of ideas but was letting my fear of failure and excuses such as “I don’t have the money” and “I don’t have enough time” get in the way of what I wanted to achieve. And truth be told I wasn’t entirely clear as to what it was that I really wanted. I would get stressed out, overwhelmed, overworked, and overcommitted and then reach a breaking point that would lead me to saying that I needed to figure out my life. This generally happened while having drinks with girlfriends. You can guess that not much came from that apart from a hangover and too many french fries.

I admired and still admire people who seemed to have it all. Those who were always smiling and sincerely happy about where they were in life.

I knew I wanted what they had. I knew I was destined for more in life.

Now this story would go much more smoothly if I went ahead and said; “Then one day everything changed.”

The thing is, everything changed over time and continues to evolve. Life led me to experiences that taught me valuable lessons.

I was diagnosed with cancer at 25 in order to learn that facing your fears is the most beautiful thing that you could ever do.

I realized my dream of opening a yoga studio with no money, no business degree, and no idea how to do it, in order to realize that the excuses of time, money, and education were only holding me back from seeing that everything is possible when you are willing to share your vision, do the work, and make a difference in other people’s lives.

I left my dream business in order to learn that it is in taking action towards accomplishing your scariest goals that you figure out your life. As Marie Forleo says “everything is figure-out-able!” and “clarity comes from engagement, not thought.” She is absolutely right!

And I paid thousands of dollars in seminars, books, and courses in order to be told, in many different ways, that I am allowed to want more and to be crazy enough to want to change the world.

I have taken all of these lessons and many others in order to create the Come Alive Workshop. A 4-part workshop that is meant to support you in getting clear on WHO you are, WHAT you want, and HOW to get it. It is the cumulation of all the tips and tools I have accumulated over the years in order to save you years of your precious time and get you going towards accomplishing the things that are most important to you faster!

In this workshop you will learn how to:

  • Turn fear into courage!
  • Feel confident in asking for what it is that you want!
  • Create a life vision that pulls you forward!
  • Set goals with soul!
  • Get rid of overwhelm & get things done!
  • Obtain the key to living an abundant life.
  • Discover the 1 big secret to having everything you want in life!

The workshop is offered online via live webinar. Isn’t that awesome? You get to take part in this fantastic journey while wearing the slippers your aunt gave you at Christmas!

Part I: Get Naked. Not the the take off your clothes and do a sexy dance kind of naked, but getting naked at a deeper level. Revealing your deepest fears, hopes, and desires in order to reveal your true self.

Part II: Dwell in Possibility. I will lead you into the World of Possibilty where you will learn how to leave your past in the past, live in the moment, and create your future out of nothing.

Part III: Goal Chemistry. Create goals with soul. Goals that allow you to feel the way you want feel so intensely that you are catalyzed into action.

Part IV: The Key to Abundance. I will give you the key to abundance and teach you how to open the door. This key will allow you to go out into the world and show up as you are, ask for you want, and create results beyond what you could have imagined.

So there you have it, the icing is spread out over the cake and it’s time to have your slice. Want to sign up and live a life that you love inside and out? Click HERE.

Have questions? Find out all that you need to know about the workshop HERE.

Thanks in advance for your time! Wishing you an incredible rest of your day! Stay healthy. Be happy.



Melissa Colleret is a Life Coach, Yoga Instructor, and Love Enthusiast. She inspires and empowers people to live the life that they love and to come alive! She is passionate about seeing people to achieve their biggest goals and change the world. She also loves jump high-5s and random acts of kindness. She also thinks that Health is Happiness is a pretty rad blog!

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