30 Day Smoothie Challenge

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Join the Health is Happiness 30 Day Smoothie Challenge today!

The challenge is to drink at least 1 smoothie per day for 30 days so that it becomes a part of your day to day lifestyle.

The challenge starts May 1st and ends May 30th.  However you can still signup after May 1st and go for 30 days from your start date.  So if you are late signing up, don’t worry about it! Join us.

The emphasis is on green smoothies but not every smoothie you drink has to be green. It can be a fruit smoothie, or even a richer one made with cacao.  A green smoothie is a mix of delicious fruit and incredibly delicious greens blended with water. The recommended ratio is 60% fruits to 40% greens. This will assure that every smoothie you make will be deliciously balanced.  Introducing more leafy greens into your diet is how you will benefit most from this challenge!

The smoothie can be a meal replacement such as breakfast, a snack, dessert, or even a post workout recovery.  Note that the suggested minimum serving size of a smoothie is 500ml.  Feel free to drink more in a day, especially if it is a green smoothie!

The key element that you need to participate in this challenge is a blender. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just make sure that it’s functioning!

Potential Benefits of 30 Day Smoothie Challenge

  • weight Loss
  • detoxification
  • increased energy
  • improved digestion
  • clearer skin
  • improved mood

Note that this IS NOT a fast or strict detox/cleanse that restricts you from eating certain/all foods, or a fad diet that will send you on a dieting roller coaster.

Hopefully this challenge inspires you to introduce new healthy foods into your life that you will enjoy, and want to share with others. The goal is to build a healthier lifestyle that you can maintain for the rest of your life.  Don’t worry about going hungry during your 30-Day Smoothie Challenge, you can eat all the food you usually do.  However feel free to make any other healthy changes you want to.

By adding healthy foods like delicious smoothies to your everyday life you will likely lose cravings for overly sweet and salty processed foods that are such a big part of the Standard American diet.

The Health is Happiness Smoothie challenge will help you stay motivated and provide you with the tools,support and inpsiration you need to make healthy changes to your life and improve your overall health.

When you sign up for the free smoothie challenge you will receive:

  • A Getting Started E-Book with tips, recipes and more.
  • Weekly support emails with more tips and recipes
  • An Invitation to join the Smoothie Support Facebook Group.

The Smoothie Support Group was created so that fellow challengers can share their experiences, ask questions, share recipes and support each other.  The group will help motivate you and remind you that you are not the only one trying to make positive and healthy changes.

Note that some of the recipes shared by participants on the Facebook group may be chosen to be featured as recipes on Health Is Happiness.  If you chose to share one of your recipes you are giving permission for Health is Happiness to use your recipe.  You will be given credit for the recipe of course.

If you are on Instagram please be sure to share pictures of your smoothies with #hihsmoothiechallenge and tag @healthishappiness.

Commit to a smoothie a day!  You won’t regret it. Sign-Up below. Be sure to check the 30 Day Smoothie Challenge Box.

Note: Once you sign-up you will receive your first e-mail for the challenge either the same day or on the following day.


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10 Responses to 30 Day Smoothie Challenge

  1. I love this idea….I am starting 2 smoothie/health challenges on the same day, so looking forward to meeting others who are on this challenge.
    I believe the key to my smoothies, is varying ingredients for things I may or may not eat that I should be along with a high quality protein mix. Feel free to add me on Facebook!

    Terri Rau

  2. Micki Meehan

    Need to lose weight, please help.

  3. Debbie

    If I join the Smoothie Challenge , will you share my email?

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