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Health is Happiness was created to be a resource to motivate and help people to incorporate more plant based whole foods into their diets.

If one person cooks something healthy they would not have otherwise, or discovers a new ingredient they had never used before,  then this site can be considered a success.  Hopefully, it will inspire many more to fill their kitchens with plant based whole foods.

When you adopt a whole food plant based diet your tastes will change and you will start to crave wholesome healthy foods.  No better feeling then getting to eat exactly what you want and feel and look great as a result.  Remember that changes that last are made over time, not all at once.

On the site you will find recipes for whole food plant based recipes from different regions of the world. So no matter your tastes, dietary restrictions, kitchen experience, this site has something for you. If not, please let me know what you would like to see by e-mailing (contact at healthishappiness.com)

Although the main focus is healthy eating,  Health is Happiness is more than about what you eat.  Being healthy and happy is a mix of your physical, mental, and spiritual states.  These are all affected by everything in your life, not just what you eat.

You will also find information on fitness, yoga, and more.  If you happen to live in Montreal you will also be able to use the site as a guide to eating and living healthy in Montreal.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”
― Hippocrates

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5 Responses to About

  1. Anik Matern


    So happy to have discovered you website! it’s fabulous to see someone so passionate about food as a healing agent and as a vital element in well-being. I have one little problem however, I saw a wonderful recipe with roasted cauliflower, fenugreek,tomatoes etc…It looked delicious. I went out and bought all the ingredients but now I can no longer find the recipe on your site?!
    Help! :-0)
    Anik M.

  2. Thanks for sharing,

    we share in the same beliefs and health is happiness! Check out my blog and web site. http://www.nosugarcoating.ca and http://www.aintnosugarcoating.com As a Holistic Nutritionist, I could not agree with you more!

  3. Cornelia

    Hi, I really like your webpage, and you 30 day smoothie challenge. I signed up for it and I’m getting new recipes on my email. However, I only get them every secong day. So I got a smoothie recipe for day 1, day 3, day 5, day 7 and so on. Should it be like that or has an error occurred ?

    Sincerely , Cornelia

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