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The Ultimate Emerald Green Smoothie Recipe (Guest post)


Today’s post is a guest post by Hazel, one of the members of our wonderful 30 Day Smoothie Challenge community. Throughout the challenge, Hazel was a huge part and contributor to the Smoothie Support group on Facebook. She posted incredible green smoothie recipe after green smoothie recipe with photos on a regular basis. I am very happy to have her sharing her experience with us. On top of that, she is also sharing one of her delicious recipes!

It has been 2 months since the smoothie challenge. I hope you guys have continued on with the healthy habits you developed during the 30 days. Please let me know how you are doing in the comments below!

What was the best part of the 30 Day Smoothie Challenge for you? What was your favourite recipe?


Inspiration Motivation…I LOVE food, photography and Facebook! The 30 day smoothie challenge motivated me daily to create new smoothies, give ‘em a fun name, snap a pic, and best of all, post to the FB smoothie support group—with daily feedback and recipes! Continue reading


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Crudessence Smoothie Recipe

cru smoothie pic


I am excited to say that today’s post is brought to you by Montreal’s own Crudessence.

Crudessence is a Montreal based restaurant committed to bringing people into deeper reflection and inspiring daily acts of self-respect and responsibility.  This is why our culinary approach is vegan, organic, predominantly raw, gluten-free, hand-made and favouring local and fair-trade suppliers.  Serving living, nourishing foods while helping each individual discover a deeper potential brings infinite meaning to our slogan, serving life.

As life gets busier, too often the first sacrifice made is the very thing that keeps us going throughout the day: fuel (commonly known as food). We opt for quick fixes like takeout, processed foods, snack food or nutritionally incomplete snacks to fill in the gaps between meals. Sometimes these options will even replace our meals! There has to be a better way, right? Right!

Instead of advising that you take time to prepare each of your meals, let us suggest the healthiest quick fix that you can possibly fit into your life: smoothies. Smoothies have limitless potential! Fruit smoothies, green smoothies, chocolate-banana smoothies, breakfast smoothies, midday snack smoothies, dessert smoothies, superfood smoothies, pre-workout smoothies, post-workout smoothies, meal replacing smoothies… this list goes on! Packed with fresh and delicious nutrients, smoothies make you the artist and your blender the blank canvas.

During your 30-day challenge, try making one of our favourites, the Doux-vert. If you’re having trouble convincing your child (or spouse) to eat their greens, this smoothie just may be the solution. Spinach lovers and haters alike will reunite around the metaphorical water cooler and rave about this Crudessence classic!

Stop by one of our restaurants this spring and let us make you your favourite smoothie!


Find 180 more Crudessence creations in our recipe book!

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