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Popped Amaranth & Seed Gluten-Free Cereal


I am back from my mini vacation to Niagara-on-the-Lake, where I had an absolutely amazing time. It was my first time visiting wineries, so I was pretty excited. I loved the experience and would definitely return.

The original reason for the trip was a wedding, a great excuse to take a few days off, and taste some wine. Don’t you think? Not to mention, it was my birthday.

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Orange Mango Lemon Smoothie

Orange Mango Lemon Smoothie

Good Morning and Happy Easter! I spent yesterday afternoon whipping up some smoothies at lululemon athletica on Ste-Catherine street here in Montreal.   The event was a blast!  I met all different types of really nice and interesting people, as I always do at events like these.  I always love hearing about other peoples smoothie making experiences and what they like to put into their smoothies.

I made 2 smoothies yesterday.  One of them was an Orange Mango Lemon Smoothie and the other was the incredibly popular Banana Nut Butter Smoothie made with almond butter, raw cacao nibs, almond milk, coconut water, and dates.  I loved seeing peoples reaction when they tried this smoothie.  They were pleasantly surprised.  Consensus is people like Chocolate! Was there any doubt in the first place?  The good news is, that even though the Banana Nut Butter Smoothie tastes incredibly naughty, it is good for you!  So if you are in the mood for a treat, go ahead,  you deserve it!

The Orange Mango Lemon Smoothie was also very well received.  Which is why I woke up this morning and made it again so I could share the recipe since it’s not up on my site yet.  People were continuously asking for the recipe so here it is! Continue reading

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Chocolate Coconut Chia Pudding Recipe & Video

Everybody likes a little dessert now and then.  Even those of us who eat healthy foods on a regular basis enjoy a sweet treat, and that’s okay.  Not all desserts are equal.  This chocolate coconut chia seed pudding is for those days when you are craving something sweet and delicious, but still want to eat something nutritious.

Not only is this dessert low in fat and sugar, it is nutritious.  You are doing yourself a favour by eating this pudding.  Chia seeds are a great source of essential Omega 3s that most of us need more of in our diet.  They are also high in antioxidants, and a good source of protein.  On top of all the nutrition that chia seeds offer, this recipe also contains raw cacao powder considered to be another great superfood because of its high content of antioxidants.  It is considered to be be one of the best sources of antioxidants  in the world.

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Vegan Hot Chocolate Recipe & Video

Hot chocolate is a comforting drink that can be a great treat on cold winter evenings.  This beverage can either be extremely processed, artificial and unhealthy, or natural and healthy. It all depends on the ingredients you use.  The choice is yours.  It is just as easy to make the healthy vegan hot chocolate, so give it a try.

Forget about those hot chocolate pre mixed packages filled with artificial flavouring, corn syrup and more.  So many ingredients. So unnecessary.  Listed below are the ingredients of Nestle’s Hot Chocolate mix found on their website .



Hydrogenated vegetable oil?  No thank you. Not in my hot chocolate. Would you like any in yours?

Only 3 ingredients necessary for my delicious hot chocolate.  Milk of choice, raw cacao powder and a natural sweetener.

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Raw Cacao, Almond Butter, Hemp Seed Smoothie Recipe

This is a great smoothie when you are hungry and craving a sweet treat.  Just because you are craving something sweet doesn’t mean that you have to turn to something unhealthy.

Hemp seeds are a complete protein as well as a source of healthy essential fats. Raw Cacao nibs are one of the worlds best sources of antioxidants.

What this means is that not only is this smoothie a delicious treat, it is good for you. Continue reading

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Vegan Gluten-Free Buckwheat Pancakes


Although these pancakes don’t have any eggs, wheat flour, or dairy milk, they are still fluffy and delicious.  So whether you eat a vegan diet, a gluten free diet or neither, you will likely enjoy these vegan and gluten free pancakes made with buckwheat flour, millet flour, ground flaxseed and almond milk.

Saturday or Sunday morning are great days to make delicious healthy pancakes while relaxing with friends and family.  This is how I spent yesterday and it was quite enjoyable. Nothing like a serious breakfast to sustain me through an afternoon of golf on a really hot and humid day.

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What is a smoothie?

What is a smoothie?  There are endless different ingredients that can come together to make delicious and nutritious smoothies.

In this first instalment of my “what is a smoothie” series I show you how to make a creamy mango cashew maca smoothie.

I made this smoothie because I wanted a smoothie where I could really taste the mango. I love mango and sometimes their amazing tastes gets lots in my green smoothies.

If you like mangos you will love this smoothie. Let me know what you think.

Creamy Mango Cashew Maca Smoothie

1/4 cup cashews
1 mango
1 1/2 cups almond milk
1 teaspoon maca

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How To Make Almond Milk

Making your own almond milk is very easy to do.  When you tell people you made your own almond milk they will be amazed.  In reality there is nothing to it.  The result is well worth the little effort.

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Heavenly Raw Chocolate & Mint Smoothie

If you love chocolate you are going to love this smoothie. I just tried this for the first time and wow. What a treat. A healthy treat at that. It is by no means a low fat or sugar free treat. However it contains healthy fats and natural sugars. So treat yourself and nourish your body at the same time.

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