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Fluffy Gluten Free Multi-Grain Vegan Pancake Recipe

Perfect for a lazy weekend morning brunch.  Wake up, take your time, and enjoy the day.  The pancakes don’t take long to make so enjoy the company of whoever you are with,  read the newspaper or whatever you like to do on the weekend.

Whether you eat vegan or gluten-free on a regular basis or not, these pancakes can be enjoyed by everyone.   Neither taste nor texture is sacrificed here with this blend of 4 different flours and almond milk.  These pancakes actually have more flavour than your regular pancakes because of the different flavours the flours offer. Continue reading

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Popped Amaranth Cereal

I have done this a few times now.  I will admit it isn’t easy. I am working on mastering it.  It is delicious though.

Requires having your pot at exactly the right temperature and putting the right amount of amaranth into the pot (which depends on the surface area of your pot.  If it’s too hot or not hot enough you will end up with burnt amaranth.

The good news is that it only takes a few seconds and is fun to do.  Nice to make your own cereal. You know exactly what is in it.

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