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Pantry Essentials; Building a Healthy Kitchen

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Having a well stocked kitchen pantry is essential. It gives you flexibility in the kitchen and helps you to be more creative. For those who love to follow a recipe, it becomes much easier when your kitchen pantry is well stocked. You are also much more likely to eat a healthy diet on a regular basis if your kitchen is filled with the right foods.

Today I share the contents of my pantry. I don’t always have all these ingredients on hand, and this is by no means a complete list. However, I have included quite a wide variety of foods.

Run through the list and see what you already have, and don’t have. Then, make a list of which items you think will get the most use, and make those the first new additions to your healthy pantry. You may want to switch some of what you do have for healthier versions/options. The transition will be gradual and eventually your new healthy whole foods will crowd out the processed/refined foods.

If you are lucky enough to live in the United States you can buy many of these foods on amazon.com. They have quite a large selection and most of the time great prices. If the quantity is too much for you, think about sharing (goods and cost) with some friends.

For those of you who live in Canada, check out Upaya Naturals for online ordering. I also buy a lot of great food at Costco at unbelievable prices. They carry new healthy products regularly.


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