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Zephyr Farm – Co-op La Maison Verte – Radish Top & Lemon Smoothie

What do you usually do with the green leaves attached to the radishes you buy?   You probably throw them out, but did you know they are loaded with nutrition? They can be used in smoothies or even salads.

So save those radish tops!  We throw out the greens from a lot of the vegetables we buy and this is a huge mistake. Those green leaves are extremely valuable sources of nutrients. The greens from vegetables are actually higher in many nutrients than the vegetables themselves, and lower in sugar. So next time you see some carrots, beets, radishes, or even turnips with the green leaves still attached, be sure to pick some up and use the greens.  Just be sure  to rince them thorougly, or try to buy organic if you can.

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Video: Discovering Green Smoothies @ Moksha NDG

The best part of making green smoothies to kick of the 7 week Living You Moksha challenge at Moksha Yoga NDG was seeing how people who had never tried a green smoothie before reacted.

The majority of the people who came for a smoothie after their yoga class had never tried a green smoothie before and were very curious. I would also say that the majority of the people that tried it liked it. I was very pleased to see this.

So many people have negative thoughts about green smoothies mostly because of their colour. Guess what? They are green! What a surprise. Despite their appearance, which doesn’t bother me one bit now that I am used to it, most people who try a green smoothie are surprised to find out that they like it. It tastes delicious. Yes, some can be sweeter than others and some can taste very green. Be sure to start with a well balanced green smoothie.

So if you are someone who hasn’t tried a green smoothie because they are afraid of how they look let this inspire you to push yourself to try one.

If  you are someone who wants to have more energy, lose weight, feel more alert or simply make a healthy change to your diet then I urge you to consider trying a green smoothies and if you like it, try  incorporating it into your daily routine.

The recipe for the smoothie I made on this day can be found here.

Let me know how you like your first green smoothie.


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What is a smoothie? E 02

Second video in my “What is a smoothie?” series. In this video, Erik, Moksha Yoga teacher, talk about how he discovered green smoothies and what he thinks about them.

This video was taken on the first day of the Living Your Moksha challenge at Moksha Yoga NDG when Nat and I made 40 litres of green smoothie to kick off the the challenge.

Don’t forget to check out the recipe for the Living Your Moksha Be Healthy Smoothie that we made and try making it at home.

If you have tried green smoothies I would love to hear what you think and happy to answer any questions you have. So please share.

Enjoy today and appreciate right now.


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Mango Raspberry Romaine Green Smoothie

This mango raspberry romaine green smoothie is amazing for several reasons. The first 2 reasons are obvious. It tastes great and is really good for you.

What I think is great about this smoothie is that it is perfect for people who have never tried and/or made a green smoothie before.

Romaine doesn’t have as strong a taste as some other greens like kale, collard greens, or dandelion greens. Its flavour is present in the smoothie, however it is a familiar one to most people and one that is not overpowering. Continue reading

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