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Treats and Sweets for Kids (Guest Post)

Sweets and Treats

If you’re a health-conscious parent, you know it’s not easy to keep junk food and sugary snacks from your kids. Sometimes it feels like they are attacking from every angle! From sales girls to grannies, from birthdays to daycare, it seems like everyone is trying to feed my kids sweets.

This summer my mum invited her friend Rosanna to stop by to meet the grandkids, my sons Dominic (age three) and Oliver (age one). Rosanna burst through the door and immediately thrust a package into my toddler’s hands. “It’s a treat for you! There’s a present inside!”.

I grabbed the box of Disney-character shaped chocolate popsicles and diverted Dominic’s attention to the transferable tattoo stickers inside. “Look, Honey. Rosanna got you tattoos!”.

A quick peek at the ingredients as I shoved them to the back of the freezer confirmed what I already knew: junk food is made from junk. Sugar, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, palm oil, tricalcium phosphate, mono and diglycerides, cellulose gum, salt, polysorbate 80, polysorbate 65, carrageenan… Continue reading

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What Do You Want & How Do You Get It…


Today’s post is brought to you by my friend Mel who you may remember from her Revitalize Cleanse in November. Mel is about to launch a new workshop series called Come Alive. I wanted to help her out by letting her share a little bit about what it’s all about with you guys. Hopefully what she has to offer speaks to at least one person reading this and can help you in this journey of life.


Hey there Health Happy people!

Melissa here! I hope that you are having an amazing day and that this post is just going to be like the icing on the cake!

Now before we get to the icing, I want to ask you a few questions;

1)  Have you ever had an idea but then fear creeped in and stopped you from doing it?

2)  Have you ever caught yourself saying “I need to figure out my life!”?

3)  Do you admire people who are living a life filled with love, fun, and abundance?

4)  Do you have this feeling that there must be something more?

Well if you answered yes to any of these questions, listen up! Continue reading

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Avoiding Wintery Sickness & How to Start Juicing

how to chose a juicer

Most of you know I am big on smoothies. I have featured a lot of smoothie recipes here, as well as leading the Health is Happiness 30 Day Smoothie Challenge. I have been asked lots of questions about juicing in the past year.

Today I am happy to have Alison Smith, of alisonsmith.com, to share some info on How To Start Juicing. Hopefully this helps answer any questions you have about juicing and inspires you to start juicing.

Continue reading


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The Ultimate Emerald Green Smoothie Recipe (Guest post)


Today’s post is a guest post by Hazel, one of the members of our wonderful 30 Day Smoothie Challenge community. Throughout the challenge, Hazel was a huge part and contributor to the Smoothie Support group on Facebook. She posted incredible green smoothie recipe after green smoothie recipe with photos on a regular basis. I am very happy to have her sharing her experience with us. On top of that, she is also sharing one of her delicious recipes!

It has been 2 months since the smoothie challenge. I hope you guys have continued on with the healthy habits you developed during the 30 days. Please let me know how you are doing in the comments below!

What was the best part of the 30 Day Smoothie Challenge for you? What was your favourite recipe?


Inspiration Motivation…I LOVE food, photography and Facebook! The 30 day smoothie challenge motivated me daily to create new smoothies, give ‘em a fun name, snap a pic, and best of all, post to the FB smoothie support group—with daily feedback and recipes! Continue reading


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5 Gluten Free & Vegan Smoothies


Allow me to introduce Leanne Vogel. If you don’t already know Leanne and her blog you are in for a treat! She has the best healthy dessert recipes and tons more.

Leanne Vogel is a holistic nutritionist and the girl behind the healthy living site, Healthful Pursuit. Whether you’re sensitive to dairy, gluten, soy, eggs, grains, or sugar, or are just interested in eating healthy, Leanne’s fun and simple healthy recipes; of which she has more than 600 posted on her site, are a great resource for everyone.

Hi Everyone! I’m so excited to be here. Kieran is such a rad guy. When he asked me if I wanted to stop by to share something with you, I jumped at the chance to be part of this good thing he’s got happenin’ here on Health Is Happiness!

I’m quite the smoothie fanatic. I’ve had 1 smoothie daily for the past 6 years and there’s no sign in that changing any time soon. I’ve developed loads of different recipes, tricks, tips and strategies along the way. After all, if you’re making 1 smoothie a day for 6 years, you have to constantly spice things up to keep it fun!

Here are a bunch of tricks and tips that I’ve learned along the way… Continue reading

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