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REVITALIZE – 30 Day Cleanse Program (Guest Post)

orange goddess juice

A friend of mine, Melissa, is launching an awesome 30 Day Cleanse program for the month of November and I thought everyone should know about it. If you are ready to make a major shift towards a healthier lifestyle, her program could be just the thing for you.

Have you ever looked at someone radiant with health and fit as hell while the voice in the back of your mind said “why isn’t that me?”

Have you felt bloated? Struggled to lose those extra pounds?  Embarrassed about those unpredictable breakouts? Un-motivated to get back to taking care of yourself but crave change at the same time.

I have. But things have changed over the last few years that allow me to be here today feeling excited about my life, feeling healthy, and needing to spread the love all around. Continue reading

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Mint, Blood Orange, Orange and Lemon Juice

I had never tried a blood orange before this. Can I say wow? First of all, the color is absoutely beautiful and secondly the flavor is incredible.

Please click on the image of the blood orange above to really see what I am talking about.  The bigger image is really cool and worth checking out. You will see. Go ahead. Give it a click. 

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