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Coconut Cashew Chia Pudding with Strawberries


The original idea for this recipe came from Anna (a coworker) who asked if I was making a special smoothie for Canada day (July1). She had been disappointed when I had made nothing for our provincial holiday on June 24 (St. Jean Baptiste). I loved the idea and was excited to create something yummy that was red and white like the Canadian flag.

When Anna made the suggestion, I immediately thought of strawberries since they are in season. I liked the idea of making a dessert, a change from smoothies, not to mention it’s difficult to make a smoothie that is 2 colours. Thank you Anna for inspiring this dessert! I love it! (and I hope you do too!) Continue reading


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Jean-Talon Market in the Fall

If you haven’t been to the market recently, stop what your doing and go right now. This is the best time of year in Quebec for local produce.  It is the end of the growing season and the market is flooded with incredible local produce.

There is still a taste of summer available like tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, zucchini, a little corn etc.  All the food we love to warm us up in the fall and winter;  beets, carrots, leeks, potatoes, brussels sprouts, leafy greens, cauliflower, broccoli, pumpkins,butternut squash, spaghetti squash; so much to choose from. Continue reading

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Peach and Swiss Chard Green Smoothie Recipe

Peaches from Ontario, swiss chard from the garden and water from the tap.

Does everyone love peaches as much as I do? They are so good. So juicy. Fresh Ontario peaches are one of my favorite things about the month of August. The season doesn’t last long so make sure you get out there and buy some peaches.

Does everyone love swiss chard as much as I do? Somehow I don’t think as many of you will be answering yes to that question. That’s ok. The more you use chard the more it will grow on you. The same goes for the rest of the leafy greens. Continue reading

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Zephyr Farm – Co-op La Maison Verte – Radish Top & Lemon Smoothie

What do you usually do with the green leaves attached to the radishes you buy?   You probably throw them out, but did you know they are loaded with nutrition? They can be used in smoothies or even salads.

So save those radish tops!  We throw out the greens from a lot of the vegetables we buy and this is a huge mistake. Those green leaves are extremely valuable sources of nutrients. The greens from vegetables are actually higher in many nutrients than the vegetables themselves, and lower in sugar. So next time you see some carrots, beets, radishes, or even turnips with the green leaves still attached, be sure to pick some up and use the greens.  Just be sure  to rince them thorougly, or try to buy organic if you can.

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