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Is Meditation for You?

Urban meditation

Today’s guest post is by the incredible Dawn Mauricio. I can’t say enough good things about this woman. She is an amazing person with infectious positivity. I hope that this post has a positive impact on your life.

When people find out I teach meditation, the most common reactions are “I tried meditating and it’s not for me. My mind is just too busy” and “I really wish I could meditate, but I can’t because I have (kids/full-time school or work/roommates/a small apartment).” The good news is that despite obstacles like a very busy mind or lifestyle, you can meditate. In fact, you should meditate. Already rolling your eyes? Don’t knock it before you try it, and read on.

What is meditation? 

Meditation is a practice that encourages staying in the present moment with awareness. Through this awareness, you learn to see your thoughts without reacting to them. Imagine yourself lying in the grass one sunny day, gazing up at the clouds, and after seeing a cloud that you really liked you got up to run after it. A little absurd, no? Meditation teaches us not to run away with our thoughts, regardless how pleasant or unpleasant they are. Continue reading

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Health is Happiness

“Health is Happiness”.  This is the name that I chose for my website.   I liked the name at first, but when I  started posting on the site, I still wasn’t completely settled on the name. The more I read and learn, the more I truly believe that health is happiness, and couldn’t be happier that I stand behind something called “Health is Happiness.”

Since beginning this project, most of the content posted has been about food and nutrition.  This is because I have always been passionate about food and cooking.  I wanted to share my passion for healthy eating with others, and this site,” Health is Happiness” is allowing me to do so. Food is a passion of mine that is continually evolving, each and everyday.  Of course, everything is continually changing whether we like it or not, and we need to learn to accept that.  Coincidentally, this is something I consider to be a very important component of happiness. Continue reading

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