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Coconut Banana Vegan French Toast with Hemp Seeds

French toast. A breakfast classic. Something a lot of us grew up eating as kids and loving. Weekends at my house growing up often meant either french toast or pancakes. There are many different twists on french toast. This is the first time I have made vegan french toast. It is a coconut banana vegan french toast.

Although I had never made it or tried it, I imagined vegan french toast made with silken tofu. It didn’t interest me that much. Then I came across the idea of making french toast with bananas and coconut milk blended together instead of eggs and milk whisked together. Genius. I wish I had come up with the idea myself.

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Fluffy Gluten Free Multi-Grain Vegan Pancake Recipe

Perfect for a lazy weekend morning brunch.  Wake up, take your time, and enjoy the day.  The pancakes don’t take long to make so enjoy the company of whoever you are with,  read the newspaper or whatever you like to do on the weekend.

Whether you eat vegan or gluten-free on a regular basis or not, these pancakes can be enjoyed by everyone.   Neither taste nor texture is sacrificed here with this blend of 4 different flours and almond milk.  These pancakes actually have more flavour than your regular pancakes because of the different flavours the flours offer. Continue reading

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Cinnamon Nutmeg Oatmeal


Memories of Oatmeal

I remember making oatmeal as a child.  It involved opening up a little package of flavoured Quaker instant oats, putting it in a bowl and pouring boiling water over them. Not the best way to make oatmeal.  I think the flavours were maple and brown sugar, peaches and cream, apple cinnamon and something with raisins.  Not what I call a healthy breakfast.  I used to love my flavoured Quaker instant oats when I was 8 years old.

I also have great memories of eating oatmeal at my grandmother’s house.  I would wake up in the morning and it would already be ready since she would wake up at 5 am or something like that.  I would park myself in front of the TV for cartoons and oatmeal.  I loved it.  however I remember covering my bowl of oatmeal with refined white sugar, dairy milk and some tasty raisins.

I think I went years without eating any oatmeal/porridge.  Until I discovered Jamaican porridge.  I used to eat lunch at this Jamaican Food spot called Mitch’s island grill.  Tiny authentic amazing jamaican place.  More of a food counter than a restaurant.  Mitch used to make a different kind of porridge every morning.  Cornmeal, banana etc.  You had the choice of getting fried dumplings to dip in it.  Also probably not the healthiest breakfast but good.

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