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Spicy Mushroom Tacos


This is the second recipe that was inspired with thanks to my co-worker Anna. She told me how she had made some lentil mushroom tacos for dinner and they were really good. The recipe came from Sprouted Kitchen.

Mushroom tacos? Hmmm. Not something I have ever made before, but it sounds like there is a lot of potential for deliciousness. Don’t you agree? Well, not if you hate mushrooms. And, it seems a lot of people have a beef with mushrooms. I know I used to be one of them. Speaking of beef I know most people are used to making tacos with ground beef. When I was a kid I loved tacos (ground beef and a package of old El Paso seasoning). I remember loving tacos night and the days they served tacos for lunch at daycare.

I checked out the recipe, and then explored the web for other variations on mushroom tacos. I decided to do what I usually do, and make up my own recipe. However, the recipe that inspired me the most is this one found on the PBS food website. I decided not to use lentils this time around, however, I will definitely give the Sprouted Kitchen recipe a try soon. I just wanted to have a recipe of my own to share. Continue reading


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Smoky Tomatoes, Roasted Plantains, and Crumbled Tempeh Recipe from “The Inspired Vegan”

I feel that The Inspired Vegan is a very fitting title for Bryant Terry’s latest book. I say this because since buying his previous book titled Vegan Soul Kitchen, I have found Terry’s books incredibly inspiring.  He is actually one of my biggest inspirations and one of the reasons I started this blog.  His passion inspired me to do something with my passion for creating and sharing delicious tasting, healthy recipes made with whole food, plant based ingredients.

Bryant’s passion for cooking great food, for music, and food justice is quite simply amazing.  He is incredibly knowledgeable about food history and current food practices.  Not only are his books a great source for delicious creative recipes, they are interesting to read and informative.

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Homemade Baba Ganoush Recipe

Baba ganoush, baba ghanoush, baba ganouj.  However you choose to spell it.  I don’t really care how you spell it.  I just care how it tastes and it tastes incredible. Smokey Lebanese eggplant dip.

If you are one of the many who think they don’t like baba ganoush or eggplants at all please continue reading. Continue reading

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