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Veggie Pate and Tabouleh Sandwich

This was awesome.  Didn’t plan it. It’s just what I had on hand and boy was it good.  Too bad I was the only one to experience it.

So there is this veggie pate that I absolutely love.  It’s flax and olive oil flavoured.  It’s so good that the same brand has a few other flavours that I haven’t tried because I like this one so much.  I think I will have to try making veggie pate.  The most amazing thing about this pate is that the ingredients are all good whole foods.  I don’t buy much processed packaged food but this is one I approve.

I happened to have a piece left over, which is rare because it usually all gets eaten at once.  I had some leftover bulgur in the fridge, some tomatoes that needed to be used, and a fresh package of parsley.  It’s like there was a little voice in my ear saying make some tabouleh. So I did. You shouldn’t fight that little voice, it’s usually right. You know what I mean?

There is a story behind the baguette as well.  I don’t usually have a beautiful fresh baguette on hand, especially not one made with white flour.  I was at the market the day before where cash is needed.  Where do i get cash at the market? The bakery.  Have to buy something though.  It’s sunday afternoon, the place is packed, line up of about 30 people.  Ughh.  But wait.  “is anyone here just in line for a baguette? Come this way.” I had no intention of buying a baguette but this was an opportunity I couldn’t refuse.

So there I found myself at home, hungry, fresh baguette, tabouleh, and a piece of my favourite veggie pate.

What time is it? Sandwich time.

Throw a piece of the baguette in the oven to warm it up, cut it in half lengthwise, spread some pate, cover in tabouleh.

Now that’s what I am talking about.  Making something out of nothing.



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